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Two different boosters, one for CCB and another for iron rotors. Coding is for the ECU to know which rotors are in the car so particular booster works as designed with the DSC.

The OEM CCB retrofit includes the dedicated booster and requires coding. The logic is that the opposite must be true - having CCB and swapping to iron rotors requires the iron rotors booster and coding for proper function.

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Thanks for including an answer.

In my defense, there was a fair amount of conflicting information on those earlier post. CCB booster more powerful, no iron booster more powerful, no there's a servo shared with x, y, & z (v doesn't share) that can be adjusted. Friction this, friction that, it was because of weight or blah blah. Seemed to end without a consensus on this topic.

If someone with the iron rotors doesn't need to change the booster then does someone with ccb need to replace the booster if they went to the iron rotors? Or is this a coding issue?

Anyway, not having to replace the booster makes this a very attractive alternative over the ccb retrofit for me!