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The reason for the 2.5mm offset was because the M5 iron rotors do not have the same offset as the CCB rotors (and now the M2 ZCP rotors). For the caliper to be centered in the rotor, a 2.5mm shim was installed to the CCB brackets to move the calipers towards the inside of the car and center the rotor with the calipers.

That M5 rotors with CCB calipers mod is moot now with the M2 ZCP rotors in the market.

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One guy did a DIY Retrofitt from normal steel caliper to CCB caliper and he told that there is a 2mm offset towards inside of the CCB caliper. So that means you need something to put in between the braket and the caliper to come 2 mm out.

He did it with a M5 rotor. But the diameter and thickness are same like of the M2 Comp except the hub diameter