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Originally Posted by S4toM3 View Post
Between what both of you have said, I'll be keeping the suspension as is.
do you know the most enjoyable and memorable moment of owing an m3 is not stuck in traffic or cruising on motorway. its the every single minute on the track or sprint run. so keep the proper suspension geometry is the way to go.

Originally Posted by S4toM3 View Post
Nice! When I traded my STI in on the S4 a couple of years ago, I had serious remorse for a while. Almost entirely because of just how solid the suspension, shifter and clutch felt in the STI. The suspension feel and paddle shifting in the S4 felt much more numb to me, in comparison. However, I'm amazed at how much the M3 shifting and suspension feels almost identical to my STI, which had upgraded coilovers, sway bars, end links, shifter, front/rear bushings, solid engine mount etc. etc.
I know many won't love the comparison; But to me, minus AWD, the M3 truly feels like the "grown up" STI that I always wished my S4 was.
now you are talking "involvement". both sti and m3 are not such "stupidly quick" cars. they involve so much effort of driver's skills. so i love both cars a lot. it was a bit pity and regret to let her (sti) go but life moves on and we need fresh blood to keep passion and enthusiasm still on.
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