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The top hat itself is the same, but it's rotated into a different orientation in-car. Check list 10 . . . I suspect the load path doesn't line up as neatly with the recessional motion path on the passenger side.

I think the 5 bolt mounts were an attempt to fix this problem, but didn't completely eliminate it. I've driven another members 2017 car in my test bump and the noise is there but mine is significantly worse.

Now the tough question: how to fix it?
That other members car is a 2016 with competition pack and 5 bolt top mounts!!!! I also work in the industry as Racer20, after reviewing the video and discussion I'm very convinced its not the steering rack causing the noise.
Oops, I thought yours was a 2017. Thanks for the help Mitch!

The dealer's "area rep" was out today and is looking into the steering gear issue. I don't have faith that this can be solved at the dealer level beyond just replacing random parts and claiming it's fixed, but we'll see wheat they say.
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