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I get that. I hate him and sometimes he does things that I like and I credit him for that. Credit where it is due for better or for worse.

My biggest beef with Trump is his willingness to let special interests run portions of the government in ways that are completely corrupt and run opposite to the stated mission of that agency. The cabinet picks have been absolutely abysmal. Most of the people that ran against him in his primary have either been put into roles where they have no clue what they are doing, know what they are doing and it is the opposite of the mission, or used nominations and then publicly humiliated them with it.

Honestly, what he did to Chris Christie and Mittens Romney was pretty damn funny and humiliating. I guess points to Trump on that one.

The anti science stance disgusts me though. Pandering to religious groups while shunning science is probably the thing that repulses me the most about modern conservatism.

Maybe now that the house is done with impeachment we will actual get some work done in Washington. I am perfectly fine with the senate acquitting him as that is the way the power is. I do want to hear from Mulvaney, Bolton, and I have no idea how Rick Perry has weasled his way out of the discussion. I am perfectly fine with putting Biden, Biden, and Schiff on the stand in exchange for the three I listed.

As far as the whistleblower, leave him out of it. No need to get this guy killed by a nutjob for speaking out in the proper fashion according to US laws.
What anti-science stance? I've not heard him say he thinks the Earth is flat, or the universe revolves around our planet.

Oh, he doesn't think humans effect the Earth's climate to the point that the USA has to pay retributions to the rest of the World for its abhorrent capitalist consumption of the Earth's resources? That's politics, not anti-science. Anti-science is not understanding there are just two genders...

Donald J. Trump

Autism rates through the roof--why doesn't the Obama administration do something about doctor-inflicted autism. We lose nothing to try.

Donald J. Trump

"@OnlineOnTheAir: My friend's son, immediate #autism after #vaccines 10 yrs ago. So sad. Keep up good work Nay-sayers will understand soon."

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Congrats to people of Scotland on the Judge's ruling concerning bird killing, land destroying, environmentally disastrous windmills. [Twitter Web Client]

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"@Michael_KSC: @realDonaldTrump @thedropkicks Whether Global Warming or Climate change. The fact is We didn't cause it. We cannot change it.
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