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Originally Posted by nicknaz View Post
My older brother has that E63S wagon so I've spent a lot of time with it (including track time) and I have spent time in F10 M5 as well, and I would take the E63S over M5 for sure

I guess with this hypothetical AWD 600hp+ M5 that might change but as it stands I think the sound of the AMG is better, little details like the IWC clock in the dash are nicer in AMG, and the wagon bodystyle closes the deal
I am sure the E63S is a beast, and a total sleeper in wagon form. I only had a chance to drive an F10 M5, no E63 test drives yet. My 6MT f80 hasn't even arrived yet, foe me to thoroughly enjoy it. If I had to somehow choose another car now for the future. It would be the hypothetical AWD 600+HP M5 or 911 Turbo S
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