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Originally Posted by dsm918 View Post
No one answered my question so here it is again

So interesting question on the money shift topic.....If you are in Efficient or Spot plus, notice how the car rev matches just before you are downshifting into the intended gear. Happens pretty fast. Am wondering if you were to accidentally money shift from say 3rd or 5th to 2nd, would the car over rev even before you go into second and let the clutch out because that's what you are trying to do (auto rev feature enabled)....go into second. Or it would protect against that and you would really have to be in 2nd and let go off the clutch to over rev and cause the money shift.

Hope that made sense.

Am guessing it will not over rev because there is no momentum involved from the wheels.
I am pretty sure the over-rev protection overides the rev-match function. The German engineers are usually smart enough to figure that out .

The engine can only over-rev by being mechanically driven by the wheels upon release of the clutch.
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