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Originally Posted by JamesGames

There is a correct way to hold the shifter, please do it. Don't grab the shifter like a gun handle in every gear. The F8x gearbox is so direct and so clean and crisp, use it to your advantage. Sit in your car and feel how each gear should engage - it is impossible to go 3rd to 4th and accidentally into second if you are going STRAIGHT DOWN and holding the shifter correctly. you need to physically pull the lever towards you in neutral and then go down into 2nd..

1st - 2nd = Grab the shifter like a pistol and pull towards you
2nd - 3rd - open palm and turn your palm slightly clockwise and push up and away
3rd - 4th - Put palm on top of shifter and flick the shifter down with your fingers directly into 4th (pistol gripping causes the inclination to pull towards 2nd especially when you are at redline, trying to execute the fastest speed racer shift)
4th - 5th - turn palm slightly clockwise like going 2nd-3rd, and push up up and away
5th-6th - palm opened towards 6th gear gate, push down and away

My method.. get used to changing your hand position and you will reduce your risk/chance of misshifting. Continue grabbing the shifter like a pistol in every gear other than 1st to 2nd and it is only a matter of time. This might seem like basic knowledge to some but for the people that grab it like a pistol, I highly suggest you consider why I always advise against it. But to each his own..
This is perfectly described!!
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