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Originally Posted by schneid4323 View Post
You posted it on M5boards, you insulted me as a driver, you misqouted me, Sorry i was wrong about RFT's and i said i wasnt sure about the p300 right after i said it in the post. I mean wtf this is the gayest thing on e90post, for the reason that half the idiots who are like NO WAY!!!!! drive 328's and 325's, to them, they can shut up, go get a 335 kk? The majority of 335i owners, who know whats going on in our world with our engine, know whats up, but you get the ignorant few. It's upseting and annyoing.
Perhaps I do have you confused but I come home to your ignorant and childish posts.
I have a 335, along with a lot of other people, I don't believe you, and it seems like they don't either
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