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(NW Indiana) Have green light for car meet at local business spot. Who's interested?

Hi all,

Since moving back to NW Indiana, where I grew up, I've been noticing a lot of awesome European and Imported cars driving around town, but have been unable to really meet any of these people or find any existing groups for a cars & coffee type of thing.

Today, I approached a local car-related business owner after seeing and drooling over what I assumed was his e46 M3 'vert in the parking lot for the last year and a half. Turns out I was right - it was his M3, and after talking with him for about 20 minutes, he gave me the green light to try and organize a cars & coffee meet-up in his parking lot.

This is in Valparaiso, Indiana, about 1 hour from Chicago. I told him my goal was a FAMILY FRIENDLY meet with European and Import cars only since a neighboring town already has a weekly domestic/muscle car meet that takes place on Thursday evenings. I'm not against specialty domestics joining so long as they are oriented towards some kind of endurance racing - think Corvette ZR1, Viper ACR, etc. I hate to discriminate, but I really want this to be geared towards European and Import car brands. If everyone with a standard Corvette or Camaro shows up, it's bound to get crowded and potentially a bit too rowdy.

So I think the best bet is to start slow with my fellow neighboring BMW enthusiasts! Then, if you have a friend with a Porsche, GT-R, Ferrari, etc., bring them along and it can grow organically.

If you are interested, let it be known in this thread or feel free to PM me with details.