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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
I can't see BMW stealing M3/4 customers with a lower cost 'mini me'.
This is a major point of contention for me.

On the one hand, the M135i is a straight 6 and I have heard nothing saying it will ever be anything but a straight 6.

On the other, if BMW does include a straight 6 in the M2, they are going to be doing EXACTLY what they did with the 1M, the 335i and the M3.

I can't imagine BMW wanting to take market share from the M3/M4 with the M2 but, they did it with the 1M and the 335i by including potent powerplants in both of their lesser offerings. They did it twice, after all.

The fact that the M3/M4 has 450 hp leaves a lot of room for a 3000 pound, 350hp 2 series coupe but, will they use a straight 6?! An N20 derived 4 cylinder S series motor but, I hope to god that doesnt happen.