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Originally Posted by Mako View Post
At first I was against this and thought it was kind of a cheesy feature. BUT the more I think about it, especially with it sending the actual engine sounds into the cabin, the more I actually like the idea.

I remember with my C63, I loved the sound of the engine, so much so that I would turn down the music and open the windows just to hear that beauty roar. It was kind of a pain in the ass at the same time, because I really do enjoy my music and conditions aren't always perfect for windows down in Chicago.

Its not like this technology is sending audio outside your car to make the engine sound better to others, its simply letting the driver hear their own engine, because normally the engine sound is heavily muted inside the cabin. Now the people inside can hear what the people outside hear...

I do wonder why BMW can't simply add a feature to disable this for the people who are so against it, seems like an easy feature to add in the audio section of idrive.
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Well said!