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Originally Posted by Carlos_Danger View Post
Yes go and buy another brand because the real sound of the engine is augmented in the cabin

Oh and just ONE LITTLE THING that Porsche you're getting DOES THIS TOO so good luck finding a modern sports car without it
"VAG has been doing this for a while now, known as Sound Symposer on Porsche and Soundaktor on VW" Car And Driver

Oh the pleasure of letting know misinformed people that they're totally wrong, never gets old
I don't think Porsche uses speakers and you can also deactivate it

"Electronically synthesized noise is not a Porsche solution, so the engineers developed a new Sound Symposer that is standard on both versions of the car. An acoustic channel picks up intake vibrations between the throttle valve and air filter and a membrane incorporated in the channel reinforces the vibrations and transmits them as an engine sound into the cabin. The system is driver activated or deactivated via a “Sport” button that controls a valve ahead of the membrane.

The result is a direct acoustic link between the cabin occupants and the engine, providing optimal transmission of the load-dependent sounds. The sound of gearshifts can also be enhanced.

The Sound Symposer incorporates a tunable Helmholtz resonator to achieve an harmonious sound pattern, damping out unpleasant noise occurring at around 5000 rpm.

If the Sound Symposer is deactivated, an aperture in the air filter housing still allows the basic engine and exhaust tones to be heard—"because we don’t want it to sound boring!” explained Dr. Bernhard Pfäfflin, General Manager of the Noise and Vibration Department."