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Originally Posted by PvsNP View Post
Two things :

- Lets go with BMW numbers. You are taking a magazine number in one car and bmw in other. Not apples to apples. According to BMW, 1M weighs 3296 lbs.

- I get my M3 number from the sticky thread in this forum It clearly states 3583 lbs. Where are you getting 3350 lbs from? That would be more than 350 lbs lighter than the outgoing M3!

3583 - 3296 = 287 pounds. Thats an extremely big difference. Just that difference alone can contribute so much in the mpg calculations in addition to the 40% more power.
From this thread.

These are bmws official numbers. And it's literally all over this forum, and has been discussed quite a bit. I also already posted these in the post you quoted. Including stating that BMW quotes 1495 kg aka 3296 lbs for the 1m and m4. Did you even read what I wrote?


M4 : 1495 kg
M3 : 1520 kg
1M : 1495 kg

No clue where your 3583 is coming from.