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Originally Posted by Boostd4 View Post
I've purchased vehicles with minor accidents in the past and haven't run into any issues. However, I am very wary of front end collisions. Do they have any documentation of what was damaged and repaired?

The danger with any accident is mechanical/alignment issues and/or paint quality and matching.

There are enough of these cars out there that you should be able to find one without a history.

Good luck with your search!
Hi! Yes, and I have an uncle who does the same thing as well. The damage was the driver side headlight, close to front left wheel and front bumper. They said it was a side swipe collision. The Carfax said no mechanical, functional or frame damage (taken with a grain of salt). I'm buying this from a certified BMW dealer in TX and they said they don't have the documentation, but they said before purchasing from the original owner they plugged in the VIN, saw it's history, inspected the vehicle and bought it. This car has been serviced by a different certified BMW dealer because it still has its bumper-to-bumper warranty. They said if the car had any major issue, it would have been discovered and not put on sale for retail but at an auction instead.

I also couldn't find another within a reasonable price point that had all the packages (Competition+Executive) and less than 50k in miles from 2017-2019. I was only able to find one, but it was a manual (never drove stick before and want to learn, but maybe not smart for this as my first car?) and from MA where it could have winter issues. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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