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SSR Performance - Orange, CA

I just wanted do drop a small review for SSR Performance. I know they are one of the vendors here, and wanted to give my feedback.

Backstory, I'm a BMW technician in the SoCal area, and have been working with BMW for about ten years. I bought an F80 a few years ago, and have replaced a few of the crank hubs under warranty on customers cars. I saw that SSR was supplying the crank hub fix that MaxPSI used to sell. I'm more than confident in my mechanical abilities to repair my car, and modify for the most part. Due the rescission work involved in physically drilling into the crankshaft, there is no way I could spin that into a warranty claim, so I opted to leave it up to the guys that have more experience with it than I do.

I dropped the car off on a Friday, and chatted with my service advisor (Rod) about what they have for performance options. I decided to go with a different tune, and one of their "power packages" (intakes, charge pipes, downpipes).

Rod was super helpful and was great at communication. Everything went flawlessly, and I can now sleep at night knowing my engine isn't relying on a .012mm friction disk to not blow up.

Rod and Shah, thanks so much for everything.
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