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Post bootmod3 Stage 1 OTS map testing - 93 octane, dyno - 100+whp/wtq over stock baseline

We spent some time on the dyno with the S55 and bootmod3 building out the OTS mapping for 93 octane pump gas. The car is a non-ZCP, stock hardware outside of K&N drop in filters. The car is also still on stock spark plugs with 47k km (~30k miles) on the odometer.

It was ~90F ambient temps, fairly hot and humid and only one fan in the room with really poor airflow across the front of the car. Peak boost on this run is around 20psi in the intake manifold as shown in the datalog, 21psi before the intake manifold at the pre-throttle TMAP sensor.

We were able to add a few degrees of timing over what we had before at full load and found MBT for these boost levels without any significant timing pull. We're targetting a little richer AFR at 12:1 at full load without any noticeable loss in power which is always nice for added cushion in safety especially for pump gas. We've seen others target 12.3-12.4:1 on pump gas tunes out there, not sure why they choose to run leaner as there's no measurable gains from running leaner than 12:1. Our recent throttle management changes are working great and keeping the throttle wide open at 100% throughout the run which keeps airflow uniform as opposed to erratic behaviour that would disrupt airflow and at times cause an onset of timing pull across some cylinders. Keeping it open when required (at full load) is important and as CaryTheLabelGuy alluded to, BMW seems to also have fixed this at the factory with the ZCP software. We haven't yet been able to confirm that as we haven't seen ZCP software just yet but will do soon. They might be doing it very differently though so remains to be seen.

Air to water intercooler does an exceptional job at keeping IATs in check. Had this been an N54 or N55 it would've been suffering due to really poor dyno room airflow conditions and ambients.

Dyno graph attached. The graph is in STD correction as typical for the BMW platform and zero smoothing applied.

We're testing this tune on a DCT S55 this week (this was a 6MT) and we'll also be adding catless downpipes to see where that takes us for Stage 2 on pump gas.

Any questions let us know

Datalog of the run:
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