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What the hell is up with this FWD business?! If I wanted a FWD car, i would've switched over to Honda! Not a BMW. When I think of BMW I like to look at them as the Ultimate Driving Experience! The ultimate RWD and AWD sports car. A sports car was never mean't to be FWD. To begin with, FWD cars are not safe what so ever. They can't handle probably. The drive doesn't feel the same as a RWD or AWD sports car. To be honest, what the hell is the point of this car!?!? If you want to make more money, start thinking about bringing back the Z4M rather than a stupid sellout model like the Z2. Useless!! And change the engines with the M5 and M6!! Same bloody engine!! Why!!!!!????? If you wanted the M6 to be the top of the line M model... Why in the hell would you give it the same power and engine as the M5. Not that there is anything wrong with that specific engine, its great! But not for the M6! I expect more out of the engine for the M6! Like more power! Anyways, im getting carried away! But my point here is DONT BE SELLOUTS! -____---
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