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Originally Posted by Boss330
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Yeah, it's certainly annoying.

I will caveat this though by saying that I'm certainly no expert. My information on these "hidden" lines of code intended to cause limp modes by BMW is based purely on discussion on these boards. So definitely take anything technical I've said with a grain of salt. With that said, it is true that piggyback tuned M5s and M6s are seeing consistent limp mode activation when doing drag race/roll race events. So BMW has definitely continued to up their game when it comes to protecting their software.

I'm betting the new M3/M4 will be plenty of fun out of the box though (especially if they end up being significantly underrated), and the money draw of M3/M4 tuning will hopefully get us a crack in a reasonable amount of time.
Is this also with tunes from AC Schnitzer and Hartge? At least ACS has close ties with BMW and is a reputed tuner in Germany...
I honestly don't know enough to comment with that level of detail. Boss, I figured you would know way more than I do on this topic! A quick post (or probably search) on the M5 forum would probably give you an answer.