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Originally Posted by cs4444 View Post
Yes it is Amazing...but ultimately Porsche belongs to VW now. Its also amazing how a comparable Porsche costs A LOT more than a comparable performing BMW, and Porsche will nickle and dime you for options like no other. M4 Starts around 65K, a 911 S starts a 98K, X5M $90K, Cayenne turbo S $148K. M5/M6 GC $90/115K, Panamara Turbo/S $140/180K. I'm sure if BMW tacked on an additional $40 to $50K onto its M cars they would be pretty awesome too...but so much less obtainable.. Also the "non enthusiast" porches are still more stiffly sprung than anything else in their classes, giving the sporty feel, but im sure the "non enthusiasts" put up with it for the badge.
Hmmm, very similar to how Ford can provide comprable performance to an 80k m3 for 30k. Or how Chevy can make a c7 for 55k that runs close to a 991S (and will beat any bmw) but it's not as good of a car and same goes for bmw in that regard. I won't even mention the GTR and it's price to performance.
Sorry but being as fast in a straight or close doesn't make them comprable as far as driving dynamics, quality etc etc etc. Plus production numbers play a big part in price so price to performance means very little. A 991 GT3 is a better performing than a 458 at 175 vs 350k, does that mean the f car isn't worth the money? A lot of times with porsche and ferrari it's the things you can't quantify that make them worth their price.

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