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Originally Posted by RealStig View Post
Corvette has 630 lb/ft torque and weighs less than the m4. Dont get me wrong, I am super excited about the new car but i think the 100 or so lb/ft torque increase is just a bit over rated.

I am more excited about the interior and overall tech improvements like the HUD.
Base corvette does not have 630 lb/ft torque. It has 465 torque & 460 hp. I'm not saying it is going to be faster than the corvette. I'm saying that with ~ 400 lb/torque & 400+ hp the new m3 is going to drive more like a punchy corvette than the high strung m3s we have been accustomed to. best comparison is probably a beefed up 1M. you'll remember people tended to like the 1M.

it's going to be different, but i find it hard to believe that lots of people are going to complain about an m3 with e46 weight and 400 lb/ft torque @ < 2000rpms.