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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
Well, faster is faster. And lets not forget what car was still picked as the BETTER car. And I would damn hope 60 more hp, 140 lb ft of tq and the same weight would be faster on a track. Even out the power numbers and lets see where the vette comes out.
And I expect the m3/4 to be close in a straight, after all it's got likely 50-60 hp more and 100 tq more. On the track the m3/4 will not stand a chance especially seeing as I doubt it will even break 7:50 on the ring.
I won't be eating any words, because there are plenty of fast sedans out there. Lets not forget a panamera turbo a schools everything bmw on the track being 4600 lbs and it's also faster than a dedicated track car in the m3 gts in a straight by a lot. And if the vette needs 60 hp and 140 tq more to keep pace I'm sure the m3/4 will need at least that and certainly won't put down the track numbers. Plus the 991.2 will be out soon too.
The m3/4s performance will hinge on its true weight and how underpowered it is.
even out the power numbers? why would that be fair? the Vette pays for its extra power through the additional weight of the larger V8. why make it pay a penalty of less power but keep weight the same? pure idiocy. you can't accept the 991 for what it is. it's a great car, but it doesn't beat every car at everything.

and quit changing the metrics. you quoted the 991S as being faster than the Vette in acceleration, neglecting that the Vette is faster on a track. so, if the M3 turns out to be faster than the 991 in a straight line, give it its due praise. not only because it's way cheaper than the 991, and with quality that I would argue is 95% as good as the 991, but because it's also so much more practical that the 991 could never be compared in that department.