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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
If you want a car that will beat the GTR off the line, it is going to have to be AWD. The M3/M4 is not just about straight line performance. Never has been. FWIW, from a roll, an M6 will pull on a GTR.
I wasn't talking about straight line, that is the problem. How close to an airstrip does the Nurburgring looks to you ? I thought so.
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I know there was a time when bashing the GT-R was acceptable. But it has more than proven itself, it has built a very solid reputation and benchmark. Sure it has a launch start, bet the M4 will too. I was talking about closed circuit track, not straight line.

Originally Posted by solstice View Post
Power figures and drag strip numbers is of very limited interest to me when you go FI. Heck BMW pulled 1300 hp out of a 1.5l TC 4 banger already in the 1980s. We all know that a TC M car will be very powerful stock and a total beast with a tune. Focus changes to how the power is delivered with FI, I.e how lag free and responsive it is and how well it holds power towards an elevated redline. That is IMO what will determine how great of an FI M engine it is, not if it can hang with a GTR on the strip.
I won't hold my breath for the M4 to even come close to the GT-R nurburgring lap time or any other closed circuit race track. In fact the PGT2 RS is struggling keeping up. But it is usually the lesser cars owner that don't like to give credit were credit is due.