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Originally Posted by ramuman View Post
Bit of a laggard to this thread, but I'm in for a M4 for ED - I should be able, schedule permitting, to do a day 1 ED based on what my CA sent me and my place in the overall queue for the car.

Look forward to coordinating in the meet up thread like F10 M5 folks were able to.

My current order is Mineral Gray with all options including the CC brakes with the exception of the driver assistance package, but I might cave and add that. I love Space Gray on my current M3, but it doesn't make sense to do individual to get one boring lighter shade of gray instead of another boring darker shade of gray .
Then don't do a boring shade of grey. Step it up to individual and get something awesome that you will love. I'm def doing that. Christ, after CCB ill prob be blowing 75k, so might as well get a color you actually are excited about.. I'm still torn. I love the blues, but I have a blue RS4 so prob can't do blue for another 6-8 yrs. I'm thinking going back to graphite grey.. And Individual leather with contrast stitching (drool). By the time I'm done, my asshole will hurt from BMW raping me, and I'll prob have the most expensive M4 built, lol