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Originally Posted by RMB View Post
Are these rumors from the Autobild source, or a different source? How plausible do people think this is given everyone's feelings about being an inline 6 and do any of the previous engine photos shed any light on this?
These rumors are from 3 different sources ... AutoBild is one of them.

The technical points are nearly the same, but one source says neutral 6-Cylinder (AutoBild) ... one clearly V6 (most probably an M-GmbH insider - posted also pics of the F80 brake calibers) ... and the third R6, but with the same facts incl. the exact ccm number - what seems not possible(!?)

Originally Posted by RMB View Post
I am not an engineer and I am by no means an authority on engines, but the image of the next generation M3/M4 engine looks similar to me in comparison to the f30 N55 engine. It looks like the oil filter module is in the same place. The air intake box on the drivers side of the engine bay looks very similar and there appears to be another air intake box added on the passenger side of the engine bay. If I would have to guess, this would make me feel that this is most likely an inline engine and a derivative of the N55 as opposed to a V6. Any thoughts?
According to my informations it could be possible, that an V6 and an I6 were developed side by side ... and the I6 was later used for fake leaks to hide the choosen V6 ... has no one wonder about how such perfekt pics could be leaked?

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