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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
I don't know about that. I noticed the difference when I went from the lighter-weight Style 220M wheels to the slightly heavier Style 359M wheels on my E92M. And the delta between the steel and CCBs on the F80 is greater than the delta between those two wheels.
owned and driven and tracked extensively GT3 RS with PCCB's for 4 years. driven steel rotors. driven steel and ceramic F8X on Spa and at the test track in spartanburgh. I can't tell. maybe you have more sensitive rear end than me though.

with lighter wheels i have been there and done that and swear up and down they feel lighter but its just a placebo. i thought same thing when i tried friends car with CCW's. swore it felt more freer and could accelerate easier then found out his wheels actually 3 lbs heavier per wheel than my cheapo ones. placebo.
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