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Originally Posted by Inprogress View Post
Are there any negatives/downsides to doing the MSDs to lower the MF? I understand the benefits, but are there any drawbacks? One of the dealers in Texas actually suggested against doing them, he said

"And yes they do give you the money back at the end, but they also have a lot of leverage over lease-end charges like excessive wear-and-tear for example. They are holding several thousand of your dollars hostage, and can use that against you to pay for any damage to the car."

Should I be worried about the above statement? I understand if the car needs a lot of repairs and i don't get them done then they would take the MSDs but do they abuse the fact that I have MSDs and take advantage of them? This is my first lease, so I want to make sure I know what i'm doing.
I think this depends on how you take care of your car. Your concerns for MSDs in addition to that should be if you try to get out of it using swapalease, you will struggle finding someone to give you that amount of money up front.

If you take care of your car and ensure you don't go in with tires below the minimum tread, stay under the mileage limit, and keep your car until lease end, I wouldn't worry.

It's better financially than putting money towards the cap cost, which also has it's own risk during the lease if your car is totaled.

IMO, the best bet is as little down as possible, roll as much into the lease as possible, and maximum MSDs, assuming you keep it the entire time, stay under the mileage, and in general just take care of it.
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