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Originally Posted by guarnibl View Post
Another thing to consider is sometimes BMW does pull ahead programs. This means they'll make up to six payments for you if you get into a new BMW. Pretty cool, right? If this program is available at the last 6 months of your lease (or earlier if you order a car and it takes 6 weeks to arrive, more if ED), you can actually sometimes turn your 36 month lease deal into less than 30 months of payments for each car. Assuming it's available 8 months prior to my lease ending and will be around for another 2 months, I'm going to order a car for ED at the 8 month marker, and by the time I'm ready to sign my ED paperwork, I'm at the 6 month marker. This means I will have made a total of 26 payments on a 36 month lease, with a slightly elevated MF from ED, but that's been reduced through MSDs. It still turns out to roughly the same cost as a reduced MF 27 payments I think, perhaps slightly less from what I'm calculating. Either way -- optimum payment based on 36 month residuals, cash value of 27 payments until new car, and an almost-paid for Europe trip from the savings every ~2 years (depending on flights/hotels).
So basically putting a down toward cap cost could burn me if i decide to swap the lease, get into a new car before my lease is up, or god forbid i get into a wreck of some sort early on in the lease right?

So why would anyone want to put down toward the cap cost? I imagine lowering the monthly payment is the only reason?