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Originally Posted by guarnibl View Post
It does reduce the interest paid slightly, but it's immaterial and it's all about balancing risk for people. Depending on when the accident occurs in the lease period, you're at risk losing any money you put down towards the cap cost. Swapping the lease is the same risk, as you would have a tough time getting someone to give you (some of) that cash back.
The flip side on swap a lease is that it seems most people don't read this thread and simply do what the dealer tells them: put a large capital reduction money downpayment to lower the monthly payment.

I leased a 535xi with no money down once. The rest of the deal on that car was good. Good discount off of MSRP and BMW MF with no markup. When I lost my job a while back, I tried to get rid of it on swap-a-lease, but my monthly payment was about $100 higher than every other 535xi available so I got no takers and kept it till lease end since I did not want to pay for additional incentive to another party.

My advice based on that experience is only lease a car if you are certain you are going to keep it for the lease period. If you think you want to get rid of it in a short timeframe, financing is probably a better way to go.