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MPHAS - Driver Side Perch Sits Higher

So I had my entire kit re-installed because of a clunking/popping noise which was finally fixed but the technician played with height adjustments when troubleshooting and left the front driver side about 12mm higher than the passenger side.


Question 1: Is it normal that I have the driver side perch adjustment near the bottom with maybe a thread or two left to keep within 2mm of the passenger side which is ~1/2 way up the perch?

Question 2: How do I adjust the rear? I can't get that wrench in there to actually turn anything without hitting either the body of the car (wheel well) or some other component. Is there a trick to lowering/raising rear?

Note: I did follow the MPHAS instructions and kept 150kg total in the front seats when tuning height.

Here's the Front Driver Side:

Here's the Front Passenger Side:

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