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Originally Posted by whoop_ass View Post
I have the same issue with the front left Perch
it sits 10mm higher than right side, I also spoke to tech and he reckons it's press fitted on.
even than, if it was no pressed on well enough with the weight of the spring and car it would of forced the higher perch lower and that has not happened.

So i am also lost for words on this as well.
we will be stripping things again to double check as I also got a clunking noise over small sharp bumps.
Full coil overs FTW, If I had to do it all again I would go with Ohlins or JRZ.
Really? Wow. Ok...well glad I'm not alone. They swore it was pressed all the way on so I'm not really sure what to do either. 10mm is a lot. The MPHAS manual states they shouldn't be more than 5mm different from side to side. I know the driver side sits higher by default but...that's almost 1/2" I've been driving (about 1,500 miles now) so if weight was going to press it further down, it have moved although I don't exactly know if there's a certain point where the strut becomes "thicker" where it can no longer slide down any further.