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Originally Posted by whoop_ass View Post
100% agreed when i had stock suspension car was with in 1-2 mm in terms of measuring each wheel to fender very little variation between left and right.

no I understand how this works Exo.
but on my car the left side front perch is 10mm higher on the damper.
also even if they were not press fitted properly, surely with the weight and pressure of driving (bumps etc) it would sag a bit to match other side.

The Perch is by no means screwed onto the Damper.
very odd.
Some times the friction of the perch on the shock body is stronger than the weight pressure the car will put on that corner. So there is a good chance the perch won't "sag" down into the correct position if it wasn't seated properly to begin with.

If it did get down into the correct position to after driving, then great. But it's definitely NOT the way an installer should justify not installing the perch correctly from the get go.

It makes me upset at BMW Service Departments because a lot of people go to them for this install and pay a lot of money. But in actuality, the BMW Service folks are probably some of the least experienced in installing this type of kit.