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Ahh, finally June 30th has come and gone, and with it, all my corporate tax deadlines.

Finally have some time to relax a little this summer...right now sitting in my office reading Project Smoke...thinking about smoking a brisket tomorrow for the first time.

I figure if I can get the brisket in the smoker around 8am, I can go to the office, come back to the house around 11:30am to check it, wrap it, put it back on for a few more hours, and then let it rest for a few hours before my inlaws come over.

Since I've never cooked brisket before, I figure I might as well experiment on them...they're family more or less, won't hold it against me too much if I crash and burn.

And on a different note, I switched my OEM wheels out for entirely different rims on Tuesday of this week because one of the OEM rims was cracked and it would have cost me slightly more to buy one OEM rim vs 4 new aftermarket rims. And these rims look nothing like what I had on the car.

Now given my dear wife is fairly confident I do nothing but buy more rims and tires for the car, I'm honestly quite shocked that she has either not noticed the new rims, or just hasn't said anything. I'm starting to wonder if I'm home free and there won't be a "discussion" about my newest purchase.

I'm uncertain if she truly hasn't noticed, or this is just ammo being saved for the next "domestic" we have. Time will tell.
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