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Originally Posted by Montaver View Post
Also to some of the other posters, not all novices are created equal. If you have any karting, autocross, or really a lot of fast road driving you will progress pretty quickly. I think you should do pads and fluid as a minimum if you know you are going to get into it, but its really up to you. A bottle of SRF is more expensive, but it only needs to be flushed once per year. Similarly track pads on street tires will last a very long time so its worth investing. When I was on PS4S I ran SRF with a hybrid pad (PFC Z-Rated) and it was perfect. Once you move up to something stickier (Get RE-71 as SYT_Shadow suggested, they are amazing) you can progress to a harder track pad such as a PFC 11.
If a karting and autocross background, sure. That's different than a pure novice/first timer. MOst first timers aren't in this group though.

Fast road drivers, yeah...

Keep in mind F8X is meaningfully more track capable out the box than E9X. Still not truly track ready because BMW M, but closer.
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