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well i prefer they were unpainted/or black stock like the e9x because for me at least its one less area of the car to touch when modding it to the look you want. I'm not a fan of the blue because i feel like it will be hard to match w/.. ie.. mineral grey, SK, and blue calipers? idk this is subjective obviously. I've always liked that bronze/gold brake caliper look though and feel like the ccb's calipers and color just fit this new gen so well and can match w/ many combos more friendly. And since I got to paint them I might as well do a color I'd like. Thats what i meant.

THE ISSUE here is that the blue calipers are not going to match many of the standard colors available. BMW has done an incredible job w/ this new generation IMO in every area. But the colors are disastrous. I'm trying to convince myself to like