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Originally Posted by jgraves View Post
I hate to say it, but I'm not a fan at all of the new M3 coming out with a turbo charged inline 6 cylinder. BMW paid a lot of money to fix the problems with the turbos, fuel pumps, and injectors on the 535 and 335's. What they should have done was taken the old S54 engines from the E46 M3 and instead of turbo charging their current engines. If they had done that they would have saved a lot of money and alleviated a lot of problems for customers and service departments. Now the Germans are going backwards again. Sure the people that own the E46 M3's would be upset, but it would have definitely made the 335 alot more desireable over the 328. The E92 M3, the M5 V10, and M6 V10 are going to be by far the most desired M cars ever built, because they are something people love the most about BMW. They were all naturally aspirated engines and you could extract even more power than something that is already turbo or supercharged.
You can actually extract more power from turbocharged motor than normally aspirated.

But you know what, I actually love the sound of S54 engines and also love the E92M3's v8..