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Originally Posted by tdizzle View Post
Is the difference in taxes/import duties or whatever? I know other countries have dramatically higher prices on cars, but most of that is due to the country imposing taxes or some other fee. Or is the car itself that much more expensive?
NZ has no import duties on cars, but the way local pricing works for premium brands mean we pay through the a**hole for Merc, BMW, Audi etc, and get the Japanese/Korean brands pretty cheap.

We are a tiny market, a pimple on the backside of the flea on the elephant, so it seems premium brands can command much higher prices as they are less available.

Base price for the C63 coupe is $120,000USD. M3 about the same.

That's why so many of us have started importing cars from the UK and even direct from manufacturer in some cases. Waaaay cheaper.