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Before the unveil of the new c class the other day, i was dead set on m3 sedan being in the cards, with no questions asked. But now, the new c200 in amg garb is very attractive looking and the interior is truly appealing also. The c63 amg, or whatever it will be named, is calling my name now.

Assuming the new c amg comes with lets say 480 hp out of the box, eventually ending up with perhaps 510 or 520 and an AWD option, well, my guaranteed order of an m3 will need to be reviewed by the board of directors

Anyone else hear the amg drums in the jungle?
Once upon a time I would never have purchased a hi-performance car with a turbo and I thought I was in heaven driving the E9x M3. Now that BMW has moved on to the turbo realm, there is absolutely no reason not to consider other cars in addition to the next M3.