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Originally Posted by 2thdr View Post
So, I am wondering after seeing so many Porsche's running around in the city with CCB's as to how many people are considering the ceramic option on the F80/F82 for daily drivers with no track use. I don't think I need the CCB in that situation and am not even sure as to how well they would perform if I decided to run the vehicle in the winter months as well, but I honestly don't know enough about them aside from anecdotal generalizations about using CCBs in the winter.

Can someone please provide their opinions/experiences?
When I was shopping for my old GT3 I was looking specifically for one without the PCCB option as I didn't want to spend that much on replacing the brakes when that time came. Conversely one could replace them with iron. Inevitably the next potential owner would look at this as a negative when looking at the cars options. For these reasons I really didn't see any upside to having them. They are delicate as well and wouldn't want the tire monkeys anywhere around them come tire replacement.
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