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ok - some points from me:

- Before I considered the M, I was thinking about a "sporty" 435i. I asked my dealer (who is M certified and running own racecars on the nearby ring) if the "sportbreaks" (1000$ in germany) are any good. He answered: "well - basically it is blue calipers for 1000$".

- about the CCBs. I have never driven something like that. But my lady had a 520d. 18" standard rft wheels in summer. 17" non-rft in winter. The 20d is not strong engine and I could always easily feel the difference of the weight and weightdistribution between the 2 setups. of course we are not talking about "wow" effects, but we are talking a felt difference, if you are an enthusiastic driver.

- QUESTION: I am really considering the CCBs. no break dust is a heavy(!) argument for me. but is there really no break dust? or is it only "30% less"?

- about weight and energie. you are always only talking about wheight equivalent. AFAIK accelerating rotating mass needs 4 times more energie than non rotating mass. mayby someone can do the math again.