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Originally Posted by Grubbs@TAG View Post

We recently received our first set of KW Height Adjustable Springs for our in house M4 code named "Black Betty".

To see the full history of this build click HERE

KW height adjustable springs kits are a great alternative to conventional springs. You don’t have to be satisfied with a fixed lowering as you can adjust the height with the KW height adjuster even after the kit has been installed. This works well for us since we like to swap wheels on our cars so frequently.

With these new height adjustable springs we expect the car have the ability to be lowered;

in mm:
Front: 15-30
Rear: 5-30

in inches:
Front: 0.6-1.2
Rear: 0.2-1.2

This will not only give us a more dynamic look but also the steering behavior and response of the standard dampers becomes more agile. All driver assistance systems and comfort features of an adaptive series suspension remain in tact which is a big selling point.

With conventional lowering springs you have to decide on the lowering from the beginning, but not with the KW height adjustable spring kits. Depending on the vehicle specific application you can change the lowering within the adjustment range with the threaded spring perch when the springs are already installed.

With the high quality finish as well as the KW height adjuster, the KW height adjustable spring kits delivery content always includes the vehicle-specific bump stops with dust protection system to protect your standard suspension against tear & wear caused by spray and salt.

Features of the KW Height Adjustable Spring Kit
- individual height adjustment of the standard suspension kit
- adaptive damper control remains active
- vehicle specific spring rates
- better steering behavior
- improved looks

Below is the unpacking followed by the install. Final ride height photo’s of the car to come soon!

Here are the shots from the studio before they were installed. Everything is incredibly high quality and well built.

Initial Driving Impressions:

Our M4 is equipped with the Adaptive Suspension. In stock form there was a decent difference between all three settings but the “sport plus” mode was certainly firm. These new KW HAS are allowing us to keep the active dampers, and giving us the ride height adjustability that we are looking for. The ride in the normal “Sport” mode certainly firmed up from stock, but it really made the car feel much more stable, as it removed some of the bounciness the factory suspension had. The firmness is not uncomfortable though, in the short drive from San Diego to Newport Beach over the weekend, there was a few dips in teh highway that I know i have to prepare myself for (when i had the H&R Supersport Springs on), and in the KW’s still were more harsh, but it was a much sportier feel.

Overall, the ride is MUCH better than going with just standard springs. The ONE negative side we noticed, Being that we ran our 20x10 HRE P104’s up front, the new larger spring perch did not allow us to lower the car down to H&R Supersport Spring Level’s. The clearance between a 20x10 Front Wheel’s, combined with the 265/30/20 Pirelli Tires up front allowed us only to go about 1.2” lower than stock. For those that are interested in doing these springs and getting a significant drop, we recommend a 9.5” wide wheel up front with a lower offset.

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