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Originally Posted by brocurls View Post
Ah sweet! As much as I'd like to do courtesy dealer to the dealer 15mins away from me, it'd be my first time doing PCD, so I might as well get the 1st time experience.

Any tips or insight about PCD if you've done it previously? I just want to skip forward all the morning stuff straight to getting into my car lols

hell, i wish i could give you something brother... but i got nothing.

Last time i placed an order was 2 years ago, and when the car got to port, BMW issued a recall on the driveshafts (some may remember this) and there was no timeframe on the fix, so i ditched the car and had the dealer find me one locally. Waited 3 months for special order car, was going to do PCD, everyting..

Now my father orders his f90M, and we were planning to do PCD, but they said they do not have any spots available till July. So again, no go.

Guess it's not meant to be..