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Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
No one seems to complain about the side gills even though they have no real function (besides blinkers) but now truly define the M cars..why can't the same be said for the power dome? If anything makes perfect sense in having BMW want potential customers to believe that the M heritage is alive and well in the looks department even though it is absent in the lack of normally-aspirated heritage in the engine department.
The side gills vent hot air out of the engine bay.

On a similar note, the hood bulge will probably help with cooling so I'd be glad to have it. On the E9x M3, the V8 engine fits fine without the hood bulge, but it's there to allow more air to flow over the top of the engine to keep it cool so it's possible that they tested the car without a bulge and are now testing it with one to see how much of a difference it makes but who knows.

I could be wrong about the V8 fitting under the E9x hood, but I remember reading that the bulge was mainly for airflow over the engine.