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Originally Posted by lbahoshy View Post
Just wondering if anyone's knows (or has a hunch) what colours the upcoming M3/M4 will be available in.

Would really love to see BMW bring back Space Grey for this car. It would look really sharp with the carbon fiber roof. Is there a chance we see Space Grey?

What colour would you pick if you were to order the upcoming M3/M4?
Would love to hear your opinions.
there's almost a 100% chance that space gray will be available. someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but it's been available on just about every car BMW has made for the past 5 years.

I think they'll have monte carlo since they have it for the M5.

I really hope they bring back Carbon Black. If not hopefully Jerez is still available.

I'm most curious about interior colors though. it's a stretch, but I'd love it if Rust brown or some more unique colors were available. that would be my ideal combo - Carbon Black over Rust brown.