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Originally Posted by ozinaldo
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I completely agree esp. the bold part. However, I think you feel this is more or less a win, whereas it's pretty disappointing for me. Only time and drives by journalists will really tell us about the throttle response.

In my most recent simulations the (approximate) shift points were less than redline in all gears except 1-2. In particular they were (that sim still is using a 7750 redline):

1-2: 7750 (redline)
2-3: 7100
3-4: 6600
4-5: 6500
5-6: 6300
6-7: 6200

This is simply the nature of the beast with a radically falling torque curve and flat power curve. The force at the wheels curves by gear vs. vehicle speed simply overlap and that is the ideal shift point for maximum performance. I guess we've pretty much known this since the revelation that the car would be turbo charged but it's really sinking in now. In short, other than in 1st gear, forget about the redline and forget about the corresponding thrills of a high redline. Redline will only be utilized for absolute drag racing starting in 1st gear.

Here is an interesting related question. Will the shift points for the DCT be programmed for maximum performance which means essentially short shifting? Ugh...
That is a good question, don't remember much info regarding the DCT in the new car too, practically same as the one in E9X?

By the way, I don't really consider it as mind blowing news but yes I guess, having driven a nice little M car since two years it is less of an issue for me to worry about the response and revs.

I don't remember any occasion the car doesn't surprise and excite me, it always puts a smile on my face and this feeling doesn't get old so I have some faith in M engineers that they should have done it even better in the M4/M3, why and how they couldn't?

Just it is a big car, that's what really bothers me, nothing about the engine.
Bigger maybe, but possibly the same weight, wider/longer wheel base and more/better delivered power. You keep comparing the two, sure they're both TT I6s, but even I am surprised with how far M went to reengineer the S/N55. My guess is delivery/responsiveness will be much better than a mildly tuned N54.

The interesting foil is clearly the E92, which is philosophically a very different car.

Still wish we could jam an S65 into the Z4...production #s are low enough to keep the CAFE impact small.