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Dash Cam Question

Iím trying to finesse the way my Dashcamís Parking Mode works. Itís triggered about 30 seconds after you turn off the ignition, after which itíll register any slight knocks and it comes out of Parking Mode when the ignition is turned back on again. This results in false recorded parking incidents, more so on entry as opening of the door etc is enough to trigger an event as the ignition wonít be on. What Iíd ideally like to happen is the Parking Mode to be triggered once Iíve locked the car and for it to be cancelled once the car is unlocked again. The camera has a permanent supply to it, and a switched supply as well which is the one which is used to control the Parking Mode and the best compromise Iíve found so far is instead of having the switched supply on the ignition fuse, the other fuse Iíve put it on is cut off after about 4 and a half minutes after the car is locked, so it takes a total of around 5 minutes for Parking Mode to trigger, which is a bit too long. The benefit of having it this way for now is as soon as I unlock the car, the switched supply comes on and takes it out of Parking Mode. None of the available supplies from the fuse box are cut off when the car is locked, they either cut off straight away when the ignition is cut off, or after about 4 and a half minutes from when the car is locked.

One thought I had was to see if I can find a circuit that is powered from car unlocked to car locked and wire directly in to that circuit and put an inline fuse in that wire instead of connecting to the fuse box itself. Iím struggling to find a circuit that meets this requirement at the moment as I guess most things are electronically controlled and it's not just a simple case of power being removed when the car is locked.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to how I might be able to achieve what I want? Is there some sort of electronic device I could add that could possibly help??