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Originally Posted by DiavelM3 View Post
You're talking about "porkier" cars yet you drive a car thats 4000lbs???
The M3 was\still is the best car in its class (depending on which reviews you watch), since 2008 and it took Audi building the Audi RS5 and Merc adding a performance package, to carry its massive weight, to compete with the M3..

I think the M4 will be better than the current M3 gen. and I believe the 1M is a testament of where BMW and ///M want to go with their small coupe cars...
Hold your horses there Mr. Internet Avenger!!

I think you are getting us off topic. I wasn't comparing the C63, or any other car, to the M3. I wasn't bashing the M3. I wasn't saying anything even remotely negative about the M3. What I said was that BMWs (including the M's) have, in fact, gotten heavier in each generation (I said porkier but it has the same meaning as heavier to all of us except the most sensitive ). It's a fact... not an opinion. That's all.. relax. Just wanted the person I replied to to supply their factual source that the M4 will be lighter... also, to be clear, not saying it won't be... just wanting to verify.

I'm as big of a fan of the E92 M3 as anyone with the only difference being that I don't have fanboy goggles on. My next car will likely be an M4. I'll be back on the bandwagon again soon enough (well, still have an M3 so I never really left).
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