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Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
  • There will be a brand new engine in the new ///M3 Generation when finally released.
I also think they would bring an totally new engine and something BMW never had until now ... only because it would make sense and its the technical best solution for an real lightweight sports car like the F80 M3 seems to be.
Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
  • If this engine will be Inline-6 or a V6 is yet unclear, however I think it will be a Inline-6 Turbocharged.
Here I disagree with you ... I donīt think they are developing an complete new I6 ... thats meen high cost for nil performence advantage ... if they decides for an I6, than only because of further cost reductions and that could only meen an N55 derivate.
Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
  • My hunch is this engine will be M-DCT as a standard and a MT as an option.
Since most sold E9x are M-DCT car this would make much sense ... M-DCT standard and the 6MT as "no costs"-option for the few MT-fans, which would buy this inferior car for the same price they could also get the much better DCT.
Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
  • I have another hunch and that is that a team of the ///M Division is also working on a V8 to be offered as a option for the Fellows that like to take there toy to the track.
As Levi said ... could be possible but only for racing issues not for street use ... only (very little!) chance for an V8 in an F80 street car could be an interim-engine to bring the F80M3 into the market earlier than expected and hold the complete new engine back until the F82M4 debuts and than switch also the M3 to the new engine.

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