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Originally Posted by swanson View Post
Thats a compliment to the M3 for sounding like Mustangs and Corvettes. Who wants a vacuum sounding car? I would never drive a week sounding car no matter how fast or how well in handles.
Not sure most Europeans think it's a compliment to have a BMW with a sound that compares with those cars...

Funny how change always creates the exact same reactions every time. Last it was the E46 crowd complaining about the E9X V8 sound, now that we are going back to the 6 it's the V8 crowd preferring that "american" sound and comparing a 6cyl with a "ricer" sound. After a while the S55 will be accepted as a great sounding engine and if BMW changes concept for the following generation, history will be repeated...

Thankfully appearance and sound is not objective matters but are subjective and we adapt to new styling and sounds at a different pace. Some will always prefer the original M3, some the 6 cyl generations, some the V8. And so it should be. If we all agreed on everything, we would not need discussion forums at all

And this is one of MY favourite old school sound tracks:

That engine REALLY sings a beautiful sound