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Originally Posted by ixse View Post
^ obvoius answer coming from current e92 m3 owner. wonder how effective that "instant" response is.. as far as i remember, torque wins races.
and mpg pwns you =)
Toqure doesn't always means win. BMW made the e92 m3 with gear ratios and launch control to keep revs high when racing at the drag. and at the track you are keeping the car in the power zone. Its not a hugh problem. But for the most part torque is more important for drag racing, and Horse power is more important for the race track. Ask any F1 driver....

The only thing i can see someone like you complaining is when daily driving, where you are keeping revs low. not in the power zone, where the next M3 will shine.

With that said. I love the sound of a V8, and the high revs. I could carless about MPG also. i am a rare breed, or maybe just have a lot of cash... either way.

I think this is something you might not understand. honestly i do see where people like you are coming from. a engine thats makes more power, better on gas, more torque. i get it.

but to me. i have never really liked practical cars. but this new one is better for BMW, and for many people